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Server Maintenance

ZimoniYT aOWNER posted Fri at 22:02

Hey all!

You might have noticed that the server went into maintenance today, we did this to transfer everything to a new server. But what is new you might ask? Here is a list of all of the new things.


  • 10GB Ram (old server had 8)
  • Better CPU
  • Better DDoS protection
  • Some other stuff

Hopefully the server won't lag as much now!

Have fun on PrisonRealms :D


ZimoniYT aOWNER posted Aug 7, 18

Hey everyone!

I've been getting messages from many people saying that they've put an item in their playervault and they can't take it out because of an error. I'm here to tell you all that this issue is now fixed. If you had a pickaxe in your PV, the enchantments might be gone. If you had a special pickaxe and want it back, please PM me with proof!

You can also join our discord to get notified when we update the server! (Or when we release PrisonRealms 2.0 wink)
Join the discord by clicking here.